Author: Helene Meyers

Helene Meyers is Professor of English and McManis University Chair at Southwestern University. She is the author, most recently, of Identity Papers: Contemporary Narratives of American Jewishness and is working on a book about Jewish American cinema.
Why Did I Cry for Philip Roth?

Despite my cool, carefully cultivated critical distance on Philip Roth, the man and the writer, I found myself sobbing at the news that his heart had finally failed him. It was as if I had lost a family member. Why?

Academic Grief: A Satire

To be eligible for flowers, faculty members must have served for at least 10 years. Lilies and white roses are reserved for full professors and endowed chairs.

The Misogyny of Menashe

Reviewers are praising this Yiddish-language film as being universal. But is that “universality” really just misogyny?