Summer 1993

Jewish women in their twenties try to figure out who they are and how they fit into the multicultural mix.  Women’s groups attempt to override Jewish divorce laws.

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Lilith Feature

Riddles of Identity

Postgraduate angst

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Lunch with the Girls


...In which the author, mourning the gradual loss of her mother to Alzheimer’s, discovers a generation of women who remember how to laugh.

On the Autopsy Table in Lodz…Biebow from Bremen


A Brooklyn physician recalls with bitter irony her experiences as a medical student in a "normalized" Poland in the year immediately following the Holocaust.

Mother Tongue


I lied to them. I said, “Of course, if you want, I will speak to your baby only in English.” But they still looked skeptical. Mr. Appelblom turned to Mrs. Appelblom and, when he thought I was not watching, he raised one eyebrow and cocked his head to the side. Mrs. Appelblom shrugged her shoulders. Well,... Read more »

I’m Tired of Checking Off “Other”


In my last two years of Colgate University I stepped out of my comfortable community of young Jewish women to work in various feminist organizations, I worked in a women’s film production company, spent a summer with a multicultural feminist organization and attended countless meetings and workshops on women’s issues. I felt powerful seeing so... Read more »

White Jewish Female


 What happens when I fit into more than one category?

Herefords, Hebrew and Me


As soon as I boarded the Dallas-bound plane in Newark I felt like the only Jew for miles around. A man wearing a ten-gallon hat sat in the row across from me, and for a split second I felt relieved that I was able to pass. By the time I made it to Wichita, two... Read more »

Women Unbound


Jewish law—-which no longer permits animal sacrifices or slave-holding—-still binds married women to husbands who refuse to grant them divorces. Now Jewish women’s groups around the world, declaring this the Year of the Agunah, vow to overturn, overrule, or overwrite the law’s cruel inequity



WOMEN PHILANTHROPISTS In the article on Jewish women’s philanthropy [“Jewish Women’s Philanthropy,” Winter 1993], your analysis and evaluation of the potential of Jewish women in this area were most enlightening. What a pity that mainstream organizations are not aware of this tremendous untapped reservoir of financial support. I commend you on the ten steps which you... Read more »

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